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Hello and welcome to my website. For many years I have worked as an illustrator and produced many children’s books, magazine illustrations, greetings cards and stationery.  This website is an opportunity for me to present my favourite personal paintings which include my fairy interpretations and Egyptian Goddess series. The folklore and mythology of plants and their connection with fairies and angels is the inspiration for much of my work, and my ‘Language of Flowers’ paintings have been a project of several years work and study. Twelve of the paintings based on ‘The Language of Flowers’ were produced as an exclusive  W H Smith Calendar for  2006 and I am able to offer prints of these paintings on the pages of this website.

The extraordinary art of ancient Egyptian with its symbolic meanings has long been of great fascination and inspiration to me, as have their mystical rituals, their spiritual beliefs and intriguing gods and goddesses. In my paintings I do not try to copy the ancient Egyptian artists but to create my own interpretation inspired by their beautiful art.  Many people have expressed an interest in my Egyptian work and wanted to know if prints are available so I am pleased that I am now able to offer high quality A3 prints of my Egyptian paintings.


I now have an Etsy shop where you can find my originals for sale - visit Patricia Papps Art for more information.
You can also find my originals for sale on Artfinder.


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